Omnom Chocolate Factory Tour

Omnom Chocolate factory tour takes you on an informative and tasty tour around one of Iceland priced possession, Omnom Chocolate. Learn how chocolate is made from scratch and taste amazing chocolate.

60 minutes
every weekday at 2 pm
Price From:
3000 ISK
Meeting Point:
Omnom Chocolate Factory

Omnom Factory Tour

At Omnom factory in Reykjavik, you’ll get an introduction to the craft of making chocolate from the cocoa pod all the way to a chocolate bar. You will discover the process behind bean to bar chocolate making. Taste all of Omnom chocolate bars and even try, if your lucky what´s happening in the Test Lab.

The tour ends in the Factory Shop where more tasting will follow and the opportunity to buy as much Omnom as you like.

Omnom Location

Omnom is located at Hólmaskóð 4, 101 Reykjavík. It is only about 20-minute walk from downtown and on your way, you will walk alongside Reykjavik harbor which we highly recommend you do regardless of the chocolate tour

You can also take the Strætó Bus number 14 at stop at Fiskislóð or Grandi

Good to know

  • Max 20 people.
  • Different groups can be combined into one tour @2pm on weekdays
  • Children 7 – 15 years: 1.500 ISK
  • Young children are welcome with their parents but please note that the tour starts by sitting in our school room, listening and enjoying chocolate
  • Children under 7: free