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August 2-4 2019
Westman Islands



Are you prepared for Þjóðhátíð? The Westman Islands is ready for you! The festival starts on Friday, but a lot of people like to arrive earlier on Thursday, and most of the people stay until Monday. This celebration has no generation gap, and it is an Icelandic pride event where everyone enjoys itself. It is precisely in the Herjólfsdalur valley, north in the islands.



A little bit of history

Back in 1874 when the 1000th anniversary was happening in Iceland’s mainland, the residents of the Westman Islands couldn’t reach the party due to bad weather. So, they decided to hold their own celebration, and this ended up being what today we know as Þjóðhátíð.

The first festival of Þjóðhátíð was held in 1874, and since then, it is considered a celebration for all generations. Westman Islands is the place of gathering of 10,000 to 14,000 people that attend the festival each year. Imagine the Island’s population is only 4,000, so the number of people that travels to this festival is tremendous.

Every year a song is written for the festival, and one of the artists of the festival sings it and performs it on Sunday night. This tradition has made Icelanders learn the songs and sing it along at the festival.


Þjóðhátíð’s Highlights

The festival’s traditional program usually has been the same, and this is because it has worked so well that people still wait for each highlight every year. Music is on for the whole day. On Friday evening the show begins with the bonfire, continuing with a fireworks show on Saturday. Sunday is the biggest day of this outdoor festival. On the evening, a sing-along event happens, and people sit down on the hillside. As midnight approaches, red torches are lighted to represent the volcano flames of the island.

Þjóðhátíð is the pride of the community, and they look for everyone to have a good time, by involving themselves in the festival by helping, selling local products, cleaning around, and more. Ask a local if you need any help. They will know what to do!

What to bring?

If you are deciding to go for the whole three days, or even more, we recommend you to bring your own tent, a camping chair, a swimming suit (this could be handy), and warm clothes.

Rent-a-tent is available. It works like a hotel, so if you book it in advance on their website, they will have everything ready for you as soon as you arrive.


For transportation to the islands, the ferry has a cost of 1.600 ISK each way, and it is not included in the ticket price. We recommend buying both ways at the same time. A lot of people have had to stay in the Islands, until Wednesday or Thursday because there have been no spots left.

2019 Line-up

As an Icelandic festival, most of the performers are Icelandic. This year Þjóðhátíð will count with the following shows:

Bjartmar – Herra Hnetusmjör – Huginn – Friðrik Dór – GDRN – Club Dub
JóiPxKróli // SZK // Lukku Láki – GRL PWR – Flóni – Á Móti Sól


The price for this year for the whole festival is 24.900 ISK (180€ or 200USD).
You can buy day passes for Saturday and Sunday for 15.400 ISK (110€ or 124USD) each day. The tickets can be purchased online here or at the entrance gate.

Children under 13 years and old-age pensioners receive free admission.

Floni & Friðrik Dór
GDRN, ClubDub, Hr. Hnetjusmar & Huginn
GRL PWR, Lukku Láki, Sprite Zero Klan & Jóipé X Króli
Bjartmar Guðlaugsson

Get your tickets and don’t miss this incredible event in one of the most beautiful places in Iceland!