Imagine coming out from work on a Friday evening, and not being able to drink a nice and cold beer. Well, this happened in Iceland during the 20th Century, after approving the prohibition law in 1915 banning all alcoholic beverages to be brewed and sold in the country.

After a new referendum and 74 years of prohibition, on March 1 of 1989 beer could be legally brewed and sold again in Iceland. They decided to allow low alcohol beer with 2.25%. But of course, they needed something stronger, so a lot of bars started serving the beer with a little bit of vodka. Pretty good idea, right?

The beer has always been part of the Icelandic drinks since the Vikings came to settle. And while the laws where prohibiting alcohol consumption, some people were smart and the local breweries start emerging again — a lot of them. Thanks to the pure water in Iceland, the beer tastes delicious, but of course, every brewery and brand has its own signature methods and flavors. We can see that when Iceland ranked as the 20th country with a consumption rate of 75 liters per capita (2016).

But the good thing is that now if you are in Iceland, you can try the best craft beers of the world and you will find a large selection of them. Next week from the 21st to the 23rd of February the Annual Icelandic Beer Festival will take place in the KEX Hostel in Reykjavík City. So, if you happen to be in Iceland, don’t miss it. You can buy your tickets online here.

If you want to buy beer or any other alcoholic beverage, know that in Iceland you can’t buy it in any store. Vínbúðin (The Wine Shop) is the only place you can purchase alcohol for parties or special events, or even for taking all the alcohol home. They have restricted opening hours, and you will find only a few of them. But then, why not visit the best beer breweries in the country and do a beer tasting tour? You have no idea how much fun they are! You will learn everything about their methods and types of beers, and of course, try them all. Most of the tours include a nice lunch or dinner too, so have fun and let us know which one of all the tours was your favorite!