Iceland is full of curiosities, and the Lava Tunnel is for sure one of them. It is one of the longest lava tubes in Iceland and the best-known with a total length of 1360m and 10m high. The main tunnel where the tours take place is about 900m, making most of the tunnel accessible for people.

But, what is a lava tunnel or tube exactly?

It all starts with an eruption of a volcano, as it happened about 5200 years ago in Bláfjöll, the Blue Mountains, with the Leitahraun volcano. When a volcano erupts, it creates a lava path where the lava is continuously flowing. After days of air exposure, the lava from the top and bottom begins to cool down forming a hard crust. As the lava supply wears out due to no more volcanic activity, the molten lava in between drains out leaving a hollow tube.

The Tours

Raufarhólshellir, this lava tunnel formed, is a unique artwork of a volcanic eruption produced by the forces of nature. You can easily see the lava formations once you are inside, and even see different colors like red and blue with the reflection of light on the rock formations.

The Lava Tunnel is located only 35 minutes from the capital area and can be accessed all year round. Since 2018, The Lava Tunnel has been offering the usual 1-hour tour during the evenings until 10 pm. If the season and day allow it, the tour is combined with Northern Lights. It is the perfect combo when coming to Iceland.

Different tours are offered; you can enjoy the Standard Tour during the day that will be about 1-hour. You can buy this one with transport included from Reykjavík for 5000 ISK more. The other option is the Evening Tour. This one takes place at night and it is the same as the Standard Tour in terms of activity. If you are a more adventurous person The Lava Falls Adventure Tour is the one for you.

The tours offered for people to have the best experience of nature in Iceland. Here we share with you the different options.

What to wear?

The team will give you the necessary gear: helmets, light, and gloves. For the Extreme Tour, crampons will be provided if needed or if the atmosphere is really wet and it can get slippery inside.

Be sure to use proper clothing for freezing temperatures. The inside of the cave is very cold, and also shoes should be good for hiking.


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