We have got used to drinking bottled water wherever we go. In some places, we have even paid for one bottle up to 5 dollars, and we think this is so normal that we don’t even care. But this is something you shouldn’t worry about in Iceland. Here you can feel free to drink tap water. Yes! Tap water is fresh, safe, and delicious. It will never taste like chloride as you may think it does like in other countries, and sometimes when it is cold, it tastes better than the bottled ones from the supermarkets.


Bottled water?

Before, Iceland didn’t sell bottled water. With the rise of tourism, brands and shops have taken advantage of the situation and start selling bottles of water. Just for you to know, a lot of them use the same water directly from the faucet to the container. So, don’t bother buying it. And if you are in a restaurant, remember you don’t have to pay for it because we never charge for water. Ever!

Let’s minimize waste!

Being able to drink tap water also contributes to taking care of our planet earth, but it wouldn’t matter if you are continually wasting and throwing away plastic bottles. It will take time for you to get used to having an empty bottle container with you at all times. Do it! You will save money and help save the planet using your own bottle or thermos.


What about outdoor activities?

When going hiking or outdoors in Iceland, you might find a lot of lakes and rivers. If the water you see is crystal clear, then enjoy it because it is the best water in the world to drink from! It is pretty easy if you have your bottle with you, and imagine all the times you would be able to fill them up.

Don’t get confused with the “rotten eggs” smell

One of the first things people notice when they come to Iceland is the harsh smell of the water. Come on! It’s not that bad. Well, you will get used to it. But the bad “rotten eggs” that you smell only comes with hot water, and this one shouldn’t be used to cook, but it is perfect for a warm and relaxing shower. The smell is a sulfur-like one, and locals don’t even notice it. With time, it gets better.


Now that you know about Icelandic water remember, never pay for it and enjoy the good natural water from the tap. Enjoy it!

Reykjavik Attractions
Reykjavik Attractions