Who doesn’t remember the Icelandic team in the World Cup of 2018? For a lot of people, Iceland was unknown, especially when it came to football. After an unexpected run to the Euro 2016 quarterfinals, when Iceland beat England 2 – 1, Icelanders knew they had a chance in football for the following years. And they did when they qualified to the World Cup two years after.

Iceland is the smallest country to have ever qualified for a World Cup Championship. Even if this is a fun fact, there is another one surprisingly better. In other parts of the world, the majority of football players dedicate their lives 24/7 to training and traveling with their teams, meaning they have a professional football career. Icelandic players are different, and this is the beauty of it. Football is their “part-time” job. Being a dentist, a film director, or even a student is their main one, or at least was before the World Cup. And that definitely makes it even better to know that they are just starting to shine.

In Russia, we saw a young team in a growing phase, and we can’t wait to see what they have for this Euro 2020. Icelandic fans are prepared for the best, and of course, who doesn’t want to support this amazing team with talented young players. And you can see how incredible the feeling is with a football-mad nation where 99.6% of Iceland’s televisions where connected to the first ever World Cup match against Argentina last year. And a significant number of people went actually to Russia if you compare it to the 350.000 people in Iceland.

What’s next?

This year we are fully prepared for the Euro qualifiers. The first game will be against Andorra in March followed by the match against France. Qualifiers will go all the way until November, and we want to prepare you if you are an Icelandic fan or happen to be in Iceland or one of the following countries, here is the list of the National Team’s games for the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifiers.

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March 2019
22 – Andorra vs. Iceland 20:45h
25 – France vs. Iceland 20:45h

June 2019
8 – Iceland vs. Albania 15:00h
11 – Iceland vs. Turkey 20:45h

September 2019
7 – Iceland vs. Moldova 18:00h
10 – Albania vs. Iceland 20:45h

October 2019
11 – Iceland vs. France 20:45h
14 – Iceland vs. Andorra 20:45h

November 2019
14 – Turkey vs. Iceland 18:00h
17 – Moldova vs. Iceland 20:45h

Everyone thought Iceland was the worst place to develop football stars, but well, here you have them. They are young talented players with a bright future and let’s see how their skills in this Euro qualifiers give them the chance to get higher in the ranking. And for you ladies, maybe want to catch some good looking players as you did on the last World Cup.

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Reykjavik Attractions