The Blue Lagoon is located 50 minutes away from Reykjavík City. Here we share with you the different transportation options you have to get to the Blue Lagoon.

By Bus

We offer some options from Reykjavík to the Blue Lagoon. You can buy one-way bus fare ticket, as you can see on the following first two options or a two-way card like the third option which can also be changed for a drop-off in Keflavik Airport.

Private Transfer

If you prefer a private transfer, we also have some options for you. Check the prices because some of them are per vehicle, and not per person. You can choose a car for 1-3 or a bigger one for 4 to 7 people. The car will pick you up and wait for you in the Blue Lagoon for 2 hours approximately. You can also add more time to spend in the Blue Lagoon and pay a small extra for it. Try also the Luxury Private transportations back and forth. They are a really good alternative too.

By Taxi

Taking a taxi to the Blue Lagoon can be easy but very expensive. The ride is around 50 minutes, and it has a fixed price of 120 euros.

By Car

If you have your car it is really easy to get to the Blue Lagoon. Depending on the hour you decide to go, the ride will take you around 45 minutes taking Suðurgata to Hringbraut/Route 49, then take Route 40, Route 41 and Grindavíkurvegur to Suðurnes. Follow the Blue Lagoon signs and you will get to your destination. The parking is free of charge in the Blue Lagoon.

You can rent a car here with us and choose your pickup location.




Pick the option that works better for you!

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