The Blue Lagoon is located half an hour from Keflavik Airport. It is very common to pick the Blue Lagoon as the first stop as soon as you get to the airport. But also, some people leave it for the end of their trip. It all depends on what you prefer and what you have planned for your trip!

By Bus

We offer some options from Keflavik to the Blue Lagoon. You can buy one-way bus fare ticket as you can see on the first two options or a two-way card like the third one that can also be changed for a drop-off in Reykjavík City.

Private Transfer

If you prefer a private transfer, we also have some options. The prices are per vehicle, and not per person. You can choose a car for 1-3 or a bigger one for 4 to 7 people. The car will pick you up and wait in the Blue Lagoon for 2 hours approximately. You can also add 30 or 60 minutes more and pay a small extra for it.

By Taxi

Taking a taxi to the Blue Lagoon can be easy but very expensive. The ride is between 20 and 30 minutes, and the price can oscillate between 70 and 90 euros depending on the number of passengers. You will find taxis at the entrance of Keflavik Airport, or if you are coming from the Blue Lagoon, they will call it for you.

By Car

If you have your car or you rented one at the airport, it is really easy to get to the Blue Lagoon. Depending on the hour you arrive, the ride will take you around 20-25 minutes going taking Highway 41, Reykjanesbraut, to Grindavíkurvegur, Highway 43. Both routes are the same from and to the Blue Lagoon, and it is easy to get there with the Blue Lagoon signs. The parking is free of charge in the Blue Lagoon.

You can rent a car here with us and choose your pickup location.



Pick the option that works better for you!