Things you need to know before driving in Iceland

Route 1 is Iceland’s one and only “highway”. It takes you all around the island. Route 1 is a one lane road where opposite traffic occupies the lane right next to yours. The driving needs all of your attention at all time, and that can be quite difficult considering the beautiful landscape you are witnessing. We recommend that you make some pit-stops on your journey to enjoy the fresh air and energize your body for the road ahead while you experience the beautiful landscapes.

The speed limit is 90 km/h on paved roads and 80 km/h on gravel roads. Seatbelts are not optional. They are mandatory, always.

On top of the one lane highway, you will come across one-lane bridges; please be cautious of cars coming from the opposite directions. The vehicle arriving first at the bridge goes first onto the deck. But like in life, politeness does not cost a thing so you can yield to the edge of your lane to signal the other driver to go ahead and cross the bridge. Your reward: a car wave from the other driver.

The landscape in Iceland is unique and beautiful consequently travelers are prone to stopping at an unsafe location for the photo op. Please be aware of this as some of them may be standing on the actual main road. Of course, we recommend enjoying the scenery, but please do so safely.

Be aware of blind hills, go as far right on your lane as you can and slow down, opposite cars might be on the other side.

During the summertime, Icelandic sheep are enjoying their time outdoors. It is common to see sheep next to roads; they tend to run across when cars are approaching, especially if the sheep is on one side and lamb on the other side. Slow down significantly to avoid hitting the sheep.

The weather in Iceland can change drastically during a short period. Make sure to check weather reports before and during your journey throughout the country.

  • For weather: 902-0600 or
  • For roads: 1717 or

The road from paved to gravel: Take caution when the paved road ends, and the gravel road begins, it is entirely different surface, and the vehicle can slide significantly.

  • No alcohol
  • No phones
  • No off-road driving
  • Headlights on at all times


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Reykjavik Attractions
Reykjavik Attractions